Repairing a Sewer Pipe Under the Slab

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Repairing a Sewer Pipe Under the Slab



Faulty sewer lines are a nightmare. They pose a health hazard and discomfort within the home environment. Sewer line repair experts place a camera inside the sewer to locate the exact cracked or clogged spots without digging the slab. After identifying them, they will thoroughly clean the old pipe to remove any clogs.

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Once cleaned, they will insert a polyester resin inside the old one to form a new one without affecting anything.

The resin is mixed and poured inside a liner. Air pressure is pumped into the liner, stretching it inside out. It is then inserted into the faulty sewer line while still deflated. An inflatable bladder is inserted inside the resin and pressure-filled with water to form the resin into a pipe. They pump in pressurized hot water to accelerate the curing process.

The resin pipe solidifies in two hours to make a new pipe. They pump out the water and remove the bladder. The technicians check with the camera to confirm if there are no more all faults and blockages. Your slab sewer pipe is as good as new and will serve you well after the repair. Furthermore, the structural integrity of your house remains intact since no digging is involved.

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