Heres How to Choose the Right Mulch

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Heres How to Choose the Right Mulch



Choosing the right mulch makes a difference in landscaping. The right one should do what you have in mind for your garden. Organic and inorganic mulches are suitable for different applications. Organic mulching improves fertility, controls pests and disease, retains moisture, and insulates against harsh weather.

Choose pine dust when you want to mulch flowerbeds and evergreen trees.

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It provides the perfect insulation by blocking direct sunlight to control soil temperature. It also releases acid and aluminum into the soil during decomposition for plants that thrive in acidic conditions. Pine bark decomposes slowly. It lasts long when applied.

If you intend to repel insects and rodents, use cedar wood chip mulch. Its bark dust decomposes slowly like pine and will last for a long time protecting your plants from fungus and diseases and deterring pest insects from laying eggs and multiplying in your garden. Choose inorganic mulch for walkways and places with heavy traffic or if you want to add texture and color to your garden design. Shredded rubber mulch from old tires is a perfect covering and shock absorption at playgrounds to enhance safety.

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