Choosing Between Porcelain and Ceramic Floor Tiles

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Choosing Between Porcelain and Ceramic Floor Tiles



Floor tiles completely transform house interiors. They can be used on the walls and the floor with excellent results if well done. Add style and color to any room with tiles using either porcelain or ceramic floor tiles. Both are similar in appearance and easy to clean but with slight variations.
Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic ones, tougher, and less porous.

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The hardness and moisture resistance make porcelain tiles ideal for exterior walls, highly damp environments, and rooms with more foot traffic, such as the living room. Ceramic tiles are delicate. Use them in areas with less traffic and moisture.
Porcelain is also more durable due to its density. Tiles are cheaper than most renovation materials, but porcelain tiles are more expensive. Consider the cost before popping into a tile flooring store for an order. Both tiles don’t vary much in terms of appearance. Modern technology has created diverse colors and patterns on them. The main difference is that porcelain patterns and color run through its entire structure, while ceramic tiles are printed on the surface and protected with a unique glaze. Chips on ceramic tiles are more noticeable than on porcelain.

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