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Dont Forget About Septic Tank Maintenance



According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), more than 20% of American households use private septic systems or small community cluster systems rather than relying on a municipal wastewater system. Therefore, understanding how their septic systems function and the maintenance chores required, such as septic tank cleaning, will help extend the life of their system.
Having your system pumped or inspected yearly would be best since it enables professionals to inspect and test your tank.

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Don’t skip your five-year high-pressure water jetting to ensure your tank and pipes are thoroughly cleaned since solids can amass even with the finest upkeep. However, they are removed by the jetting so that they won’t interfere with how well your system works.
Any solid waste leaving your septic tank is collected by an effluent filter, which keeps it from going into the drain field. When scheduling septic tank cleaning and maintenance, ensure this filter is cleaned. Adding specific types of bacteria is also essential as it enables the system to break down solids in the tank. However, you must avoid disposing of soaps and other chemical products as they can eliminate the microorganisms needed for the breakdown that keeps your system operating normally.

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