Finding the Best Furniture For Your Home

Finding the Best Furniture For Your Home



All people, whether they are homeowners or rent their living space, need some furniture in their living quarters. In fact, furniture ranks third among all major expenses that adult Americans have, behind only cars and houses. Furniture can serve two major functions: its own purpose, such as providing a place to eat or sit down, and doubling as decoration in any living space. Even though renters can’t just hire remodeling crews to change their kitchen or bathroom, they can certainly change the furniture, rugs, and blinds to make a fresh new look. Some furniture, such as sleeper sofas or storage beds, are designed for more cramped quarters, and college students in particular may make good use of sleeper sofas, bean bags, and other space-friendly furniture pieces. Furniture stores in your area may boast all sorts of pieces, and an online catalog can expand your options even more, such as leather sectional couches and the like.

Furniture Basics

Since furniture is such a major expense, it is no surprise to hear that most American customers have high standards when they shop for it. Surveys show that among couch buyers, for one example, 91% of customers said that durability and quality are very important for their purchase, not just the price and style of that furniture. A shoddy, cheap couch or chair may fall apart, which is an expensive hassle to deal with. Instead, buyers want tough furniture that can last for five to 10 years, or in the case of a bed, as much as 15 years. Good furniture is a long-term investment. In particular, wooden Amish furniture is renowned for its top-tier craftsmanship and durability, and they can be bought at furniture stores or commissioned. Despite not using power tools, Amish craftsmen can assemble and sell wooden chairs and tables, bed frames, dressers, and even garden sheds and chicken coops. Amish goods have been popular since the 1920s, in fact.

Going Shopping for Furniture

When you decide to purchase a sleeper sofa or a table or dresser, your options are to visit modern furniture stores and browse online catalogs. If you are looking for something very specific but a local store doesn’t stock it, you can find it online, and a good catalog will have clear photos of the furniture, as well as its dimensions, weight, price, and other vital information. E-commerce is big now in the 21st century, but furniture stores are still popular. When you visit a local furniture store, you can consult the staff working there to get recommendations and have your questions answered, to help narrow down your options and find something you would want to buy. Studies show that most modern shoppers enter a store undecided about how to spend their money, so in-store marketing and store associates can help out. For furniture, a customer can sit or lay on it to “get a feel” for it, and test its durability. If a customer can’t take the furniture home in their vehicle, they can request a store truck that will deliver it to their residence.

Interior Decor

As mentioned earlier, furniture isn’t just useful: it’s beautiful, too. Interior decor experts suggest that homeowners revise their home’s style every five to 10 years, and many homeowners do just that. Modifying furniture is a great way to update the home’s look, and this can introduce a whole new style to a room or the entire residence. This may also impress guests who visit, and new furniture can reflect the owner’s ever-changing lifestyle and tastes. A new theme, such as Mission or art deco or Victorian revival, can be made easy this way, in conjunction with new rugs, drapes or blinds, and lighting fixtures.

On the practical side, furniture can change a room’s entire purpose, and some furniture is designed to save space. If there is no room for a guest bedroom, a sleeper sofa is a fine choice, which can unfold into a bed for one or two people. A storage bed has a wooden frame and drawers in its body, to take the place of a freestanding dresser unit. And some wooden tables can have their middle section (leaf) taken out to shorten the entire thing and save space.

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