What Are Some Differences With a HUD Home Inspection?

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What Are Some Differences With a HUD Home Inspection?



There is an array of responsibilities that should be considered when purchasing a home, and getting an inspection is always necessary in determining an adequate living space. This is why 70% of surveyed homeowners agreed that a professional home inspection was beneficial in the long run. Although most home inspections are similar in many regards, an HUD inspection is going to affirm to its own set of standards.

HUD, or the department of Home and Urban Development, was made so that affordable housing remains livable and can sustain occupants accordingly. The HUD guidelines are fairly strict, and these homes must be inspected to meet certain living requirements. Now, you may be wondering what an HUD home inspector will be looking for, so let’s take a look at the HUD checklist.

HUD Regulations

An HUD inspection is going to be similar to a commercial property inspection, and the HUD checklist will be assessing if a house is livable and safe. The walls, electricity, windows, and bathroom are mainly what will be inquired. The home inspection will take about 2 to 4 hours to perform.

A livable space will include a strong infrastructure, and any damage on the walls or ceilings will be graded on the HUD checklist. The home will also be inspected for its paint job and the use of lead based paint. Each room will be assessed separately in order to confirm the livability of a HUD home.

The inspector will then consider the electricity in the house to make certain that the home is safe. The electricity outlets should be protected, the the interior of the building should meet strict wiring requirements. Faulty wiring can be dangerous, and it’s a building inspector’s duty to confirm the safety of a house. Windows and ventilation will also be considered for their accessibility to accommodate any potential inhabitants.

This is a basic understanding of what will go on during a home inspection, but you can check out the HUD checklist above for a more specific approach that a home inspector will take.

HUD Inspections

HUD guidelines are set in place so that affordable homes make acceptable living spaces that are safe. Home inspections are an important part of the home buying experience, and you can inquire with a home inspector or HUD 203K consultant to assist you with your property. Remember, it’s only through an inspection that a section 8 home will be approved for living.

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