Does Your Home Need Dry Rot Repairs?

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Does Your Home Need Dry Rot Repairs?



Have you noticed some soft spots that need attention in regards to the exterior of your home? Perhaps you require dry rot repairs. Those types of repairs could be located along the bottom of T-111 siding. Dry rot can also be along window trim or corner boards on tract homes too. Currently, 36% of remodeling jobs are for property damage repairs.

What Exactly Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is known as a fungal decay that happens to wood that requires three things, moisture, food, and fungal spores. The food, as mentioned, is the wood of your home. You cannot really do anything about the wood to repel dry rot, but you can eliminate moisture which produces fungal spores. Moisture can be found in many things that collect along the outside of your home such as leaves. Leaves are actually one of the easiest things to remove and eliminate. What Should You Do When Your Home Has Dry Rot?

When you notice dry rot or suspect that you have it, you should have your home evaluated by general contractors that offer services for dry rot repairs and home renovation services. First, they will check your downspouts and gutters. This does not remedy the entire dry rot problem but it does take care of part of, the moisture.

What Can Cause the Need for Dry Rot Repairs?

The causes for dry rotting can include a few different factors besides dirty downspouts and gutters. Other culprits are bark-dust, insufficient attic venting, as well as dirt along the siding and mature landscaping that keeps siding from drying. Any or all of those things can cause a minor caulking problem to turn into a very expensive nasty issue.

Does Prevention Help?

Prevention goes a long way when it comes to dry rot repairs. Eventually, you will need repairs and possibly even a home renovation. Until then, keep your gutters clean by cleaning them once a year. Of course, if you have a lot of trees surround your property, you will want to clean gutters more often. The moment you notice failed caulking, or signs of it, cut out bad spots and add new caulking. Most people do not have time or the expertise to notice the first signs of dry rot. That’s why it is important to count on professional contractors that offer dry rot repairs that are trustworthy and affordable along with other home repairs.

Get Professional Dry Rot Repairs Sooner Rather Than Later

One of the first things contractors will do once the rot has been found, is remove any damaged wood. Once the wood has been removed the contractors should be able to give you a bid for the remaining work. What is most important is to understand that dry rot is not a problem that should go unattended. The longer it is left the more it spreads and can cause extensive problems. What you thought was just trim replacement could end up being more work to replace wood that has been further affected.

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