The Versatile World of Mini Split AC Systems

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The Versatile World of Mini Split AC Systems



Do you currently have air conditioning? Nearly two-thirds of home in the U.S. have air conditioners. What if your home doesn’t have any ductwork? A lot of homes, especially those that use hydronic heat, space heaters and radiant panels could benefit from ductless mini split systems to keep cool during sweltering summer months.

There’s a new way to cool your residence. Mini splits are a ductless, mini split ac system that offers cooling qualities for a number of potential applications. They can be used for commercial, institutional and residential uses, although they tend to be used in multi-family homes or as a retrofit add-on to homes without ducted heating systems.

Where Can a Mini Split AC System Be Used?

A mini-split AC system can be used in small apartments or room additions that do not have any extending ductwork. This type of ac unit has two components, a unit for indoor air-handling and an outdoor condenser/compressor. The indoor and outdoor units link to a conduit where the suction tubing, power cable, refrigerant tubing, and condensate drain are housed. When you need a smaller air conditioner that doesn’t require a window or ductwork, the mini-split AC system is a great choice.

The Many Advantages of Using a Mini Split AC System

A few advantages of this type of AC unit is the flexibility and small size. It is the perfect way to cool individual rooms. There are many models available that offer up to four air handling units for four rooms or zones. Every zone has a thermostat of its own, so each space can be cooled as needed so you save money as well as energy.

Mini Split Systems Tend to Be Easy to Install

A ductless mini split system tends to be easier to install than many other kinds of air conditioning units. All it takes to hook up the mini system is an 8cm hole for the conduit. Most systems come with a variety of conduit lengths for connecting purposes. The option for how far away an outdoor unit is located depends on the conduit length, but typically a unit can be up to 50 feet away from what is known as the indoor evaporator. Rooms on the front of a home can be cooled by a compressor that is in an inconspicuous or advantageous place outside of the home.

Having No Ducts Offers Less Energy Loss

Ductwork for central air systems tends to have a lot of energy loss associated with it. Mini splits do not have any ducts; therefore, they do not lose as much energy as their counterpart. The fact is that 30% of energy consumption for most homes is wasted in duct losses. This is especially true when the ducts are in unconditioned spaces like attics.

Mini Splits Offer Great Interior Design Options

There are many types of ac add-on systems. However, mini splits provide more interior design options within their flexibility. They can be mounted flush against drop ceilings, suspended from ceilings, or hung on the wall. There are also models available that are floor standing. This sleek, new way to cool the indoors may also come with a remote control so the system is easy to use when placed high on a wall or out of reach. Another great advantage is the fact that split systems keep homes safer than window units mounted outside, which can easily be removed to allow entrance to intruders.

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