Mice, Rats, Rodents Oh My! Call The Commercial Exterminator

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Mice, Rats, Rodents Oh My! Call The Commercial Exterminator



A commercial exterminator will help to rid your property of rats, mice, and rodents. Mickey Mouse may have persuaded the world that mice are cute, and fun, there is still no way you can ignore a rodent problem in your commercial property.

Rodents are destructive and a health threat, they are not a matter of simple discomfort in your building for those that do not like rodents. If it was just a matter of preference than a commercial exterminator would not be necessary.

The Facts About Property Destruction and Rodents

Mice, rats, and other rodents are destructive. They can chew through wiring, walls, floors, ceilings, books, boxes, and other structures. The estimates of costs include:

  • Annual damage estimates of $20 billion
  • Damage to equipment $7 million a year
  • Damage to dry goods $18 million a year
  • Damage to sewer lines, and drains $3 million a year

The cost is real when it comes to cleaning up after the damages that rodents can cause. These pests are not particular where they make their nests. They will make their nests in floor spaces, walls, behind cabinets, inexpensive computer equipment, and anywhere else that they can.

When a mouse or a rat needs a place to sleep your property becomes at risk, and all the items that are contained in that property are up for grabs. They have been known to tunnel through wiring that was in their way. They tear up carpeting to use as nesting material. They use wallboards to create a cozy home. Nothing is off-limits.

Rodents are responsible for contaminating about 20% of the world’s food supply. There is just no room for them in a commercial property.

Mice and rats have been known to build nests on top of vent pipes for sewer lines. Rats can chew through pipes. Even a small infestation can result in big damage and costs. A female mouse can reproduce about every 21 days and have a litter of 5 to 14 babies. That means over the course of a year one female can potentially have 140 young.

Commercial Pest Management is the Solution

Reducing the risk of infestation, and all the costs associated with it starts with having a reliable commercial pest management company on your team. We can rid your property of pests and ensure they do not show back up. Let the pest’s know that it is moving day, and move them out.

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