The Craziness of Weather Provides Challenges to Many Property Owners

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The Craziness of Weather Provides Challenges to Many Property Owners



It’s snowing, the yard is carpeted in leaves, and the neighbor is mowing.

In October.

No wonder you have been having a difficult time trying to figure out if you need the air conditioning or the furnace. Last weekend the temperatures were in the 60s and you got a sunburn at the last marching band competition of the year, and today you are planning to move the snow blower to the empty stall in the garage in case you need it in the morning.

Heating and air conditioning systems help both home and business owners keep their properties as comfortable as possible. Upgrading to the latest temperature control systems will allow you to get the comfort that you need, while at the same time making sure that you are living costs and avoiding wasting energy. We live in a world where more and more people are looking for ways to lessen the impact that we have on the environment and the latest HVAC systems have the highest green energy ratings.

From heating and cooling to plumbing, there are many times when the sudden change in weather can be a challenge. Pipes can freeze, heating and cooling systems can fail, and electricity wiring can be in jeopardy. All of these home functions can not only challenge the comfort and safety of a home, but the value of a home as well.

Home Maintenance Tasks Are Even More Important as the Cold Temperatures of Winter Move In

From plumbing services to heating and cooling installation, there are many tasks that are important to creating a safe and comfortable home. Fortunately, when a property owner takes the time and spends the money to invest in the highest quality plumbing and HVAC services, these changes also add to the value of a home.
There are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the average household will save $90 a year with a low flush toilet plumbing installation, and there is research grease, fat, and oil buildups cause 47% of the up to 36,000 sewer overflows that happen annually in the U.S. Both of these statistics show that home maintenance, as well as safety, are major concerns.

Are Your Home and Work Environments as Safe as Possible?

The recent news of a man killed in a home fire has devastated the community. A husband and father of two children, the husband was the only one home when an electrical fire that originated in in the basement sparked. Asleep after working his over night shift, the man either did not hear the alarm or the alarm did not function. While his wife was at work and his children were at home, the fast burning fire took not only the family’s entire home but also their beloved father.

In addition to the crowd fundraising that is in effect to help support the wife and children, there is also a renewed interest in checking the fire alarms in homes, as well as the fire sprinkler installation systems in businesses and warehouses. And while the state fire requirements have always been in place in commercial locations, there are many home owners who are taking advantage of the free service that local fire houses offer to come to a home and check for fire safety concerns.

Fire Safety Precautions Help Families Protect Their Loved Ones

Although there are certainly accidents that happen, there is a growing amount of research that indicates that with the right amount and kind of fire safety measures in place, many fires that do occur can be limited in the amount of damage that they create.
In a home the best protection you can have, of course, is a home fire alarm. If, however, you moved into your home 20 or more years ago and are simply relying on the initial set of fire and smoke alarms to keep you safe, you need to make a change. Even if you are diligent about changing batteries every time you adjust the clock for daylight savings time you are not doing enough.

Most research indicated that home smoke alarms need to be replaced every eight to 10 years. Keeping your family safe should be your highest priority and investing a few dollars in new fire and smoke alarms is certainly a worthwhile investment.

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