How to Properly Adjust Swimming Pool pH

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How to Properly Adjust Swimming Pool pH



Maintaining the proper pH level in a swimming pool is essential for water clarity, swimmer comfort, and equipment longevity. The YouTube video offers a tutorial. In addition, here’s a guide on how to properly adjust swimming pool pH.

Adjust Swimming Pool pH

Begin by using a pool water testing kit to measure the current pH level. The ideal pH range for swimming pools is typically between 7.

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2 and 7.6. If the pH level is outside the ideal range, determine whether it needs to be raised or lowered. pH levels below 7.2 are acidic, while levels above 7.6 are alkaline. If pH is too low, add a pH increaser such as sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate according to manufacturer instructions.

If pH is too high, add a pH reducer such as muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate following manufacturer guidelines. After adding pH-adjusting chemicals, allow the pool water to circulate for several hours to ensure proper mixing and distribution.

Re-test the water after a few hours to confirm that the pH level has reached the desired range. Repeat the process in small increments until you achieve the optimal pH level. To maintain proper pH levels, test the pool water regularly and make adjustments as needed. Ideally, you should test every week. Factors such as rainfall, bather load, and the use of pool chemicals can affect pH balance.


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