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What You Can Expect From Pool Servicing



When it comes to pool service and repair, there’s a lot that goes into taking care of your pool. Often, this is why professionals are hired: they have the knowledge, equipment, and access to bigger machines than you probably do. One of the first things you can expect when getting your pool serviced is an initial wipe-down.

This initial wipe-down is very important just like every other step in the process. What starts the process is brushing the sides of the pool down especially along the waterline to loosen any leaves or debris so that the leaf catcher and vacuum can take care of it.

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It’s not that deep of a brushing unless there are algae deposits that need to be taken care of as well.

After the leaf catcher has been used to catch anything floating, it’s time to vacuum. There are several kinds of vacuums that are each meant for different things. Some are made for larger items like rocks and sticks while others are meant to pick up finer things like silt and pollen.

With pool service and repair you can also expect a slew of chemicals to be added to your pool to keep it fresh and clean. The skimmer will also be cleaned and then shocker, algae treatments and chlorine tabs or cylinders will finally be added to finish up the job.


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