Understanding Gutter Installation

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Understanding Gutter Installation



One of the most common home repair projects, gutter installation can seem like a difficult task when approaching the project unprepared. Knowing the steps to gutter installation makes the process simpler the address.

Before anything else, it is important to get the measurements for the area you intend to install the gutters. Having this information is crucial to preventing any water from seeping into the home.

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Most homes have a rake board, which is an extended piece of trim, that is the ideal area to begin your measurements. When cutting the gutters to the desired length, but sure to leave a little bit of extra room to allow for expansion and contraction during changes to the temperature.

After getting the measurements, begin to measure and cut the appropriate length of gutter needed. After cutting the gutter to the desired length, apply a sealer to the end cap. This will ensure not only does the end cap stay in place after it is connected to the gutter, but also ensures that water will not get through the end cap. To finish, use a crimping tool to push the end cap and the gutter closer together.

For additional information on gutter installation, please review the attached video.


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