The Qualities You Dont See Even in the Most Valuable Home Interior Pictures

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The Qualities You Dont See Even in the Most Valuable Home Interior Pictures



Home interior pictures are photographs that show the actual layout of a house. Homeowners or those intending to own one are often drawn to interior design blogs because they’re looking for specific features, like the perfect bookshelf or floor plan. You’ll typically want to know what it’s like to live in a house and whether or not, you can ever afford it.

It is, however, important you know that even if your home isn’t as beautiful as it seems in pictures, there may be more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. That’s right—there are plenty of ways in which a home can look perfect on the inside but still be deficient in other areas that keep it from being truly worth owning.

In this article, you’ll see the psychology behind the most valuable home interior pictures on your favorite interior design blogs.

Pictures Can Create Illusions

It is important to remember that the most valuable home interior pictures were taken with the mind of attracting customers.

A lot of people think that the size of an apartment is always reflected in the picture. But this does not always apply to all homes, since there are many different types of buildings and spaces with different sizes.

For example, a two-room apartment may look larger in a picture than it really is when you see it with your own eyes. Certain objects such as the furniture and the rest of the home decor may appear bigger than they actually are and you might be none the wiser about them.

It Might be Staged

Even the most valuable home interior pictures are staged. The photographer may have photoshopped the room or taken his time to create an image that’s more appealing than what it would look like if someone just walked in and took a few snapshots. It could equally be a photo from years ago when the house was still new and barely lived in.

It’s important to remember that only certain parts of the house are shown, even in the most valuable home interior pictures. For example, while the fridge and bathroom may seem to contain all the features you could possibly want, the camera angle at which the pictures are taken may be misleading. And if you go ahead and make payments for a house based on the most valuable home interior pictures, you may end up finding out that the fridge might be too small to fit all your groceries, or that the bathroom has only one sink and no mirror or towel rack.

It really is that easy. The photos are an illusion created by a professional photographer who wants people to buy this house because it looks so nice on paper.

New Doors and Floor

While you may be able to capture the essence of the home from the most valuable home interior pictures, there are other senses that may elude you and are simply impossible to tell from pictures alone.

For example, you may be unable to tell what the house smells like, even from the most valuable home interior pictures. Every home that has been lived in, has an intrinsic smell that is impossible to rid of no matter how much you clean and wash.

The state of the doors and floor are hard to see from an interior picture alone. You may not know if the owners had kept any pets that you are allergic to or even have a rodent infestation. You also cannot see the stains that may have been left behind by these animals or the scratches they may have made on the flooring. An expert photographer may simply photoshop them away. The homeowners may have also had a small pet door which you may not like. If it cannot be avoided, you might need to redo your floor and perhaps have even a new door install.

An Expert Took The Shot

When looking at some of the most valuable home interior pictures, it is important to understand what makes them so special. The photographer who took these pictures has a lot of experience with homes and knows how to get the most out of them. He would have taken many photos of homes in different settings: from rural areas and small townships to big cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town. They might have even done some work on a film set. And now that they’ve seen your dream home, you can be sure that every detail has been considered carefully by this professional photographer who knows his stuff when it comes to taking great shots.

Functional Pipes

The plumbing of a house is its lifeblood. Yet, even the most valuable home interior pictures would not show you what the pipes in the house look like or how well they are maintained. The kitchen may have a particularly nasty mold growing on the pipes or the water in the showers doesn’t run quite as well.

While you may get many aesthetically pleasing shots, keep in mind that you may be purchasing a house that may actually end up creating dents in your pocket.

Every house, no matter house perfect, would require some amount of work in order to turn it into your home but if the roof leaks or most of the pipes around the house are rusty, you might have more than your fair share of work cut out for you. You may need to get your friends and family to recommend a number of good plumbers and be prepared to have a water heater install just in case.

Squeaky-Clean Windows

Although it seems like the most valuable home interior pictures would show if the windows were clean or not, the reality is that windows often aren’t even visible in these types of pictures.

Windows can be blocked by furniture, drapes, and other objects in the room, making them invisible to the naked eye. In fact, a study by home design site Houzz found that windows were only visible in about half of all interior home pictures taken by users.

So, if you’re wondering if the windows are clean or not, the truth is you might not be able to tell from the photograph alone. You may also not like the make or style of the windows and might need to do a window replacement. You may want to equally consider using blinds which are very convenient and afford you full privacy.

The Yard Looks Like it’s Been Landscaped by Professionals

Some of the most valuable home interior pictures may show you how a glimpse of the yard for the house you are interested in.

Typically, the yard is manicured and clean, with a variety of plants and flowers placed in such a way that they look like they belong together. The grass is even knee-high. There’s also ample lighting on the property, so you can see whether or not someone has been working hard to keep the home looking its best.

In addition to being well-lit, many homes have signage around their grounds that gives visitors an idea about what kind of style they might expect inside, this helps create an overall impression for potential buyers when touring houses online before purchasing one themselves.

Pristine Septic Tanks

When you’re house hunting, you understandably want to get a good sense of what the property looks like on the inside. After all, the interior is what you’ll be living in. However, while you may be able to see the furniture and kitchen from the most valuable home interior pictures, what about the septic tank?

Septic tanks are an important part of any home, but they’re often out of sight and out of mind. This may partly be due to their location. If a home has a properly functioning septic tank and leach field, it will be located away from the house in a designated area. This is done to protect the home’s foundation and to keep the tank from filling with water and freezing in cold weather.

A well-maintained septic tank will not cause any problems and will look just like any other part of the plumbing system. However, if a septic tank is not properly maintained, it can start to leak and cause damage to the home. You may need to contact a drain cleaning contractor to help you take a look at this or look into septic snaking.

Energy-Efficient HVAC

Most people only consider the necessary aspects of their home renovation or decorating project. But what about the less visible components that are equally important, such as the home’s cooling system?

On days when the heat is especially stifling and it feels like you are on the verge of a heat stroke, having a well-functioning AC system would make all the difference. Unfortunately, you cannot tell how cool a room is or how well the AC works even from the most valuable home interior pictures. You may need to contact ac contractors to take a look at the unit and find out if it actually works.

Backup Resources

Backup resources such as backup generators play an important role in keeping our homes powered during a power outage though they are often not shown in home interior pictures. This is likely because they can be unsightly and detract from the aesthetics of a home.

The purpose of home interior pictures is to show potential buyers what the home could look like if they purchased it, and including a backup generator in the picture would not achieve this goal. While their omission is understandable from a design standpoint, it’s important to remember that they are an important part of keeping your family safe and comfortable during an emergency power outage.

Prime Wiring and Outlets

A most valuable home interior picture will show wiring and outlets. However, not all outlets and wiring will be visible in a picture. It is always a good idea to take a closer look at any potential wiring and outlet issues before making an offer on a house. If there are any concerns, be sure to ask the seller about them and get clarification on what will be fixed.

Do well to remember that not all wiring and outlets are created equal. If you’re planning to purchase a home, it’s important to have electrical contractors take a look at the wiring and outlets to make sure they’re up to standard. Faulty wiring and outlets can be dangerous, so it’s essential to take precautions before making any final decisions.

A Professional Was Paid to Clean the House

If you are looking for proof that the house was cleaned by someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s probably because of the professional way it looks. The homeowner probably hired a cleaning service and paid them to do the job before the pictures were taken. You are not going to find the kitchen sink overflowing with dishes or the armchair buried completely under clothes and clutter. But make no mistake, the house had probably looked that untidy at one point or the other.

Parting Thoughts

You cannot judge a home based on its interior pictures alone. You don’t see the quality of materials used in construction, and you don’t know how well it’s maintained. These factors are just as important as aesthetic appeal—a poorly maintained house may not look like much from the outside, but if it doesn’t function properly or stay clean then there won’t be much point in purchasing it in the first place. If you want to know what an interior picture would not tell you, even the most valuable home interior pictures; then take a look at your own home.

First, look at all its rooms and see if there are any hidden corners or areas that might be out of focus in your photos. Next, try taking some close-up shots from different angles so that you can get a better idea of how everything looks up close. You’ll be surprised at how much detail is hidden when viewed from this angle.

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