The 10 Plumbing Tools You Need That Are Under $25

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The 10 Plumbing Tools You Need That Are Under $25



The world of plumbing is constantly changing, with technological innovations ranging from tankless water heater options to plumbing camera inspections. Even so, there are some fundamental tools you’ll want to make sure you have in your arsenal. The video here mentions 10 plumbing tools you could find for less than $25.

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You can find a few of them below.

Kibosh Emergency Repair Clamp

You can find this convenient tool for around $20. It clamps down on pipes to seal them tightly in less than five seconds and can be used on various pipe materials.


This tool’s small size and slick design make it very easy to use while allowing it to fit into tighter spaces. This cutter can be used to cut pipes and you can find it for between $17-$20.

Ratchet Cutters

Similarly to the autocut tool, ratchet cutters can be used to cut pipes, although they can only be used on plastic pipes. They don’t require batteries or electricity and they cut a perfect 90-degree angle every time. You can find these for about $20.

With these cost-effective options, you’ll have plenty of funds left to spend on a tankless water heater or comparable home investment. Check out the video to see the other tools you’ll want to have in your toolbox.


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