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Cheap Outdoor Landscaping Ideas for Around Your Pool



When you are looking for cheap outdoor landscaping ideas, there are many things to consider that will immediately improve the appearance and function of your outdoor space. By considering all the options, you can prioritize the best use of your time for projects that also fit your budget. Cheap outdoor landscaping ideas don’t have to look cheap in appearance or cost exorbitant prices.

Some cheap outdoor landscaping ideas can give your pool area an updated, fresher look. Others can help you change the mood of the area in something that is more modern and stylistic. It’s up to you, your tastes, and your budget constraints.

Consider these cheap outdoor landscaping ideas to be a starting point. This is a time when you can get very creative about what you are trying to achieve in the space and the look or functionality that you are wanting to have. Many projects are DIY, but there are times when you will need to call in professionals for the best results.

Get a Clearer Picture Before You Get Started

This can mean cleaning up the pool deck. Racking, mowing, and pulling any weeds. You will also need to remove any dead plants in the area to have a better vision of the projects that you would like to take on.

Grinding and Sealing the Pool Deck and Patio Concrete Areas

Concrete is often used for patios and around the pool deck. This is a material that is less expensive, but it has a drawback. It can get very slippery when wet which is a consideration when used in the pool area where it can cause falls. Fortunately, this is a situation that be easily remedied by a concrete company. They will use a concrete grinder to smooth out any imperfections. The grinder uses a machine with a diamond abrasive tool that removes bumps and other imperfections.

The next step is for them to make the surface less slippery. This is done in two ways. They can apply an acidic mixture that will gently abrade the surface or a sand-based material to make everything less slippery. After doing this, they will hone the concrete which simply means they seal it so that it is hard-wearing and will last. This doesn’t change the appearance. It simply makes the concrete less slippery when wet.

Take Care of the Trees on the Property

Trees that are not well cared for or are diseased, need attention to keep them healthy. This is a really good cheap outdoor landscaping idea. If after cleaning up broken limbs, there still seems to be a problem, it may be time to call a professional. A tree service or land clearing service can help with the issue. A tree service can assist with maintaining the tree. If it is diseased and needs to be removed, a land clearing service can do the job.

Consider LED Underwater Pool Lighting

Switching your underwater pool light to an LED one can not only be an attractive feature, but it can also be a cost-saving one. The underwater pool light up the area and is easily installed. The light from LED pool lights is brighter but with a cooler tone. They are also available in a variety of colors! Options include models that can change colors or allow you to set the mood for the social occasion. It’s a special cost-saving touch that can create a festive atmosphere or a calming evening swim.

The Advantages of String Lighting in the Pool Area

Simple outdoor graded string lighting can provide a magical touch in the pool area in the evening. This is another one of the great cheap outdoor landscaping ideas. The lights are simple to install yourself. For the best look, choose white LED lights, light Christmas lights, not the larger bulbs. This will add a special twinkle in the evening. Plus, they can save money on their electric bill.

When considering where to string the lights, place them away from the pool. This will protect them from exposure to water, electric shock, or the lines being disturbed when cleaning the area, even though they should be graded for outdoor use. A wall or hedge can be the perfect placement to provide the desired effect.

Another Lighting Option for the Pool and Patio Area

Solar lighting, as one of the cheap outdoor landscape ideas, is cost-effective and can provide dramatic results. These lights are installed by simply pushing them into the ground on their stake. They will come on and off as the level of sunlight changes.

Install them around walkways, patios, and the pool area. Not only do they provide ambient light, but they also provide a safety factor. Family and friends won’t be navigating the areas in the dark but have enough light to walk safely without slipping.

Look into a Professional Landscaper

If you are unsure of how to landscape your lawn and patio area, professional landscapers can provide cheap outdoor landscaping ideas. They can suggest the placement of beds that will create an outdoor garden oasis for you and your family. They will also recommend the best plants for your area’s climate. They can also look at other issues that your yard and pool area may be having. This includes yard drainage. Without proper drainage, not only the plants may not thrive but if close to the home, it may also affect the home’s foundation.

Add Lush Plants Around the Pool Area

If you are good at gardening, adding a few plants around the pool and patio areas can make them seem lusher and more secluded. This is also an opportunity to add splashes of color while creating a feeling of peacefulness. There are many appropriate plants to choose from. As one of the cheap outdoor landscaping ideas, adding plants can liven up an area. If you don’t have space for inground plants, consider placing potted plants strategically around the area. This can create the lush vibe that you are looking for.

There are several things to consider when adding plants. You want ones that are low maintenance and don’t shed leaves or other materials as often. This includes a variety of palms, live oaks, and aloe vera, just to name a few.

Choosing the plants depends on where your home is located. Some are more appropriate in some climates than others. Landscapers can help, but you may also want to consider having the assistance of a landscape maintenance service to get everything looking beautiful and stress-free.

Install Rope Lighting Around Plant Beds

This is a simple and dramatic addition to flowering plant beds around the pool area. Easily installed to the inner edges of the plant beds, they can highlight the beautiful colors of the plants during the evening. This can be easily installed by yourself while giving the garden an additional dimension in the evening.

Rock Gardens

Considering the climate, some people prefer rock gardens in the pool area. Not only is it easy to install, but you can also create the ideal space for you and your family. The key is choosing river rocks and arranging them while filling in with dirt for durability and maximum visual impact.

Installing Ornamental Grass Borders

To complement a rock garden or bare wall, install a border of ornamental grass. This is one of the cheap outdoor landscaping ideas that deliver. These hardy plants add a nice green color, move slightly in the breeze, and require little maintenance.

Outdoor Structures

Another one of the best cheap outdoor landscaping ideas is to install a patio cover or pergola on the patio and pool area. This will give guests a place to relax while not in the water. It also makes a great entertainment area when friends and family come over.

While you may not be a carpenter, a home builder or specialist in outdoor construction can help with plans that both accommodate your vision and your budget. The size of the structure and placement on the property is essential to your enjoyment of it. Most professionals can construct or install these types of pieces quickly and efficiently.

Stone Walkways

Another charming addition is adding stone walkways to the pool or garden features. The stone adds visual texture to the pool area while also keeping people from having to walk across the grass. You can get creative with the design and a home builder or landscaper can help if you need further ideas.

The variety of tiles available on the market today allows you to be as creative as you would like to be. From colorful mosaic tiles to different types of stone, and an endless variety of patterns. You’ll find tiles that suit your tastes, personality, and style.

Consider Privacy Hedges

Even if there isn’t a wall between you and your neighbor’s backyards, a hedge wall is a beautiful solution that is one of the perfect cheap outdoor landscaping ideas. It creates a wall of greenery and privacy for both the pool area and the patio.

There are several suggestions for using plants as a privacy wall. These include Norway Spruce, Green Gian Arborvitae, and Colorado Blue Spruce. Bamboo and Emerald Green Arborvitae also work well.

Eye-Catching Recycled Pool and Patio Furniture

For outdoor furniture that keeps you within your budget, consider creating patio and pool furniture out of reclaimed wooden pallets. Not only can this be an attractive option, but it also allows your creativity to arrange the furniture exactly to your liking. Best of all, you will stay within an even small budget.

How you arrange them is up to you. Stacking pallets can create a coffee table. Cutting them into smaller sections can create end tables, sofas, and chairs. Plus, not many tools are needed to create the configuration that you are looking for.

The pallets are already weather resistant and sturdy for use in shipping and warehouses. All that is needed is some cushions and pillows for bright colors and you’ll have the seating that you are looking for.

Simplest Outdoor Landscaping and Decorating Idea

The simplest way to improve any outdoor space is to simply declutter it. Getting rid of broken pots, dead plants, and other objects that don’t belong there will go a long way to making the whole area look tidier. Going through this process of cleaning will also give you ideas about new opportunities to improve the appearance of the whole patio and pool area.

Just deleting unwanted, unused, or broken items will give the backyard a fresher look. You may find items that can be used in other areas. If not, get rid of them with a trash hauling service.

When the unused items and dead plants are gone, you’ll be better able to see where cheap outdoor landscaping ideas can be put to the best use. You’ll see a fresher landscape ready for your creative touch, even though you’re on a budget.

Creating the Pool Area of Your Dreams

Turning your backyard pool and patio area into an ideal oasis doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Taking a few steps to clean up and see the area clearing can help you create a vision for what you would like the area to look and feel like. Using creative ideas and prioritizing projects can help you save money in the long run.

When you are done, you’ll have a pool area and backyard that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy for a long time. If you need help maintaining the landscaping, don’t hesitate to call on a landscape maintenance service for advice or regular visits. In the long run, it will save you time and money.

Stop waiting on creating the outdoor space that you and your family will love because of financial concerns. There are many steps that you can take to make your garden, pool, and patio areas lovely and enticing. Be creative and pragmatic about what you take on but follow your vision for beautiful outdoor areas.

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