The Process of Installing a Pellet Stove

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The Process of Installing a Pellet Stove



A pellet stove generates heat by burning compressed wood and sawdust. They are used mostly in residential areas. The video demonstrates the steps for installing a pellet stove.

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  1. A fireproof floor pad is needed to place under the stove. The pellet grill should be placed three inches away from the wall and away from combustible areas.
  2. A pellet stove has an intake vent and an exhaust vent. An exhaust pipe is attached to the exhaust vent. A hole must be drilled in the wall to insert the other end of the exhaust pipe to release smoke outside.
  3. Wall thimbles are on both sides of the wall screwed to protect the wall from the hot pipe from the stove. Place insulation around the part of the pipe that passes through the wall for added safety.
  4. Add silicon caulk to the outer wall edges of the thimble for waterproofing purposes.
  5. Drill another hole for the fresh air intake pipe, 12 inches away from the exhaust pipe. Screw the mounting plate into the wall. Connect the pipe to the pellet.

Plug the stove in, load the hopper with pellets, and check that it’s functioning properly.


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