How to File a Hail Damage Insurance Claim

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How to File a Hail Damage Insurance Claim



A hail storm can do more than ruin a fun day in the sun; it can also bring about lasting effects like damage to the roof, siding, etc. This is detrimental for homeowners, but fortunately, home insurance covers siding hail damage. However, there’s a process for homeowners to claim compensation from their insurance providers.

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What is the insurance claim process?

According to the video, the first step homeowners should take is inspecting their siding. They should check for damage during the day, and if they spot any damage, they should report the issue to their insurance company.

The second step for homeowners is to hire a siding expert to do an onsite inspection. Experts are vital because they know what merits a claim.
The third step for homeowners is finding a siding repair company to fix their specific problem. Homeowners should ask their contractors questions to help them prepare for negotiations with their insurance adjuster.

After meeting the contractor, the homeowner should have a rough estimate of the cost of repairs. Insurance adjusters often try to understate the cost of damages, so a homeowner must have their contractor with them during negotiations. Finally, the homeowner should be able to secure funds to repair their siding damage.

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