An Explanation of the Term Flat Roof

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An Explanation of the Term Flat Roof



As the name suggests, a flat roof is typically an even roof. However, according to the narrator in the video, while flat roofs are considered flat and appear flat, they have an angle or incline to allow for water or snow runoff. Flat roofs are primarily used in warmer climates; roofing services advise against them in cold areas because the water can freeze. This prevents water runoff, which can make the roof sag under the weight of the trapped water or snow.

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Flat roofs are common in commercial spaces because they’re more conscious of keeping their roofs clean. Which types of flat roofs are available in the market?

A precast concrete slab is one of the most common types of flat roofs. This type of roof is made in a factory and delivered to the site where it should be installed. It should be insulated, usually a vapor control layer, to protect it from condensation.

The second type of flat roof is a reinforced brick slab roof. This flat roof is constructed similarly to a reinforced concrete floor but should be protected against weather elements.

The third type of flat roof is a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin). This roof is typically used in commercial spaces and involves installing the TPO material on top of solid decking.

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