Using Foam as a Material for House Construction

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Using Foam as a Material for House Construction



Most people aren’t aware that there are architectural foam companies that specialize in providing foam materials to build houses with. This video from FOX 10 in Arizona reports on how a foam house is built and why it can be a beneficial option.

You may be thinking that a home built with foam isn’t as sturdy as you would like, but according to the report, these types of homes can withstand winds up to 200 mph. Not only are these homes sturdy, but they’re also highly energy efficient.

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These types of homes can be two times more energy efficient than other types of construction. The foam base is covered with a light coating of concrete. When the house is built no one can tell that the walls and the rest of the structure of the home are foam.

Foam buildings can be less expensive to build. During the supply chain problems due to the pandemic foam home builders did not experience a disruption. The continued rise in the cost of lumber has more people looking for other materials that are more affordable and eco-friendly to build homes with. Foam may be a great solution that is both affordable and kinder to the environment. Watch the video now.


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