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See a Complete 2-Hour Tree Removal Service



The video, “Complete Tree Removal From Start To Finish $1,800 in 2 hours (This Dude Doesn’t Play Around),” illustrates a 2-hour tree removal service. It features compactors, chain saws, and a truck to haul away the removed branches and trunk. Besides the workers, a few tools are needed to remove a tree from a property.

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The process begins with stump grinding to remove the stump and roots. Stump grinding is the most common process in tree removal in urban areas where residents have little to no space for trees.

After that, the crew chops off branches and removes them carefully using chainsaws. The chainsaws are used to cut branches from the tree because the stump grinding process reduces the branch’s weight and falls off.

After that, the stump is dug up to ensure no roots are left underground. Removing the roots prevents the tree from growing back in a relatively short period. When the job is finished, tree removal companies will grind down the stump to a specific width to properly resume tree growth.

A particular machine is used to grind down stumps effectively through rotating blades to make the process easier. The tool has been used for decades in tree removal to ensure that stumps are ground down properly before other processes are done.


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