The Basics of Mosquito Control

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The Basics of Mosquito Control



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Mosquitos can make being outside unbearable. Don’t let mosquitos ruin your summer. Hire the help of a mosquito control expert to avoid these pests. This video shows how a mosquito controller goes about their business of ridding areas of mosquito infestations.

The first step is to find the mosquitos. They generally live in areas with standing water. The mosquito control experts will set up traps to collect some of the mosquitos. They will come back and identify the specific species of mosquito they are dealing with. The plan of control will be very different depending on the type of mosquito around.

Two example species are anopheles crucians and aedes aegypti. They can both be annoying to humans, but they live in different habitats. Once they know the species they will be able to identify the locations to target. Then they will go to work getting rid of water bodies around homes.

Ditches, birdbaths, buckets, gutters, and more can collect water. An easy way to start is simply turning over these water collection sources and making sure more water doesn’t get into them. No chemicals or traps needed! Just stop water from collecting around the home.

For more information, check out the video above.

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