Installing a Frameless Shower Enclosure

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Installing a Frameless Shower Enclosure



Do you want a frameless shower enclosure? A glass shower enclosure gives the bathroom a spacious, luxury spa-like look and feel, but all to often homeowners make a critical timing mistake. When designing the bathroom, homeowners often put off the glass shower enclosure decision until the end of the project, considering it a “finish trim” decision. Big mistake!

Semi frame-less and frame-less glass shower enclosures have been around for a while and have always been associated with a timeless look of quality and classic design. Frame-less glass shower enclosures are made of tempered glass and come in varieties of finishes, styles, glass textures and patterns to satisfy most people’s aesthetic appetite.

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The glass doors are super heavy and require quality hinges and secure attachment in order to operate properly.

Always be sure that your glass panels never touch a hard surface. Broken glass can cause injury and hard surfaces may cause chips or scratches that can interfere with the overall aesthetic of your frameless door. You can place a towel on the floor to rest the glass on to prevent damage-causing sharp edges. Never perform the installation on your own.

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