Most Unique Garage Doors in the World

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Most Unique Garage Doors in the World



Most garage doors are straightforward. This is because they are normally built around simple function rather than incredible design. This isn’t to say that garage doors don’t look good too. Rather, the garage doors in this video are incredible.

The first garage door are the high speed door Ryterna doors. Instead of opening and closing vertically, these doors move to the side along a track.

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When opened, the panels of the garage door lay flat against the side wall in your garage.

The next door on the list is actually a garage gate. This gate comes up from the ground when closed and goes down into the ground when open. There is a underground box that stores the gate when lowered. This has to be one of the most clever gates of all time.

The next garage on the list is the Silvelox. This door uses the W concept and associated systems. This makes the garage door almost invisible because it is inside of a wall covering. It looks like a normal wall from the outside. There is even a door for easy access. However, it functions like a normal garage door.


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