How Is Tree Removal Done?

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How Is Tree Removal Done?



Tree removal is a big job best left to the professionals, but you might be curious how professionals are able to safely and quickly take down a tree. Read on to find out!

There are many methods for tree removal but the most popular way to remove a tree is using a crane. This provides the most control for lifting the tree away from existing structures to an available area to set down.

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After the tree is down, a chipper is used to break the tree down into small pieces or “chips” that can then be used for biomass or energy production.

Cranes and chippers are loud, so how are professionals able to hear each other? Constant communication is key to safety so professionals wear headsets so they are able to communicate with each other over loud noises such as the chipper or large distances such as communicating with a team member on the ground from up on a crane.

While protecting our trees is important, sometimes trees need to be removed for any number of reasons including our safety and the health of the tree. When you find yourself in need of tree removal, rest assured tree removal experts can help.


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