All The Ways to Use Wood Chips

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All The Ways to Use Wood Chips



In this video, you will learn about wood chips for sale. There are a lot of different ways to use wood chips. First, you can use them for pens and coups.

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He has a pig pen. He spread the wood chips inside the pigpen. He said it really covered up the smell. It knocks the smell down a lot. He didn’t fill in their watering hole, he just filled in the areas where they lay and use the bathroom. Next, you can use wood chips for a chicken coupe. Chickens that aren’t free range can have a habitat that smells, due to the tight enclosure. Using wood chips can help minimize the smell. The barn in general can use wood chips or wood shavings. A lot of times it can be used for bedding. In the chicken coupe, he spread out two inches thick. Chicken droppings have a high nitrogen content. The wood chips will be half composted by the time they are scooped out. You can eventually scoop the wood chips out and use them for compost. There are so many different uses of wood chips. To learn more, keep watching this video.

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