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Commercial Roofing Sales Debunked



In this video, you will learn about a commercial roofing company and how they generate sales. Contractors, such as roofers, operate at relatively high speeds and high efficiency. It’s common for an entire roof to be stripped and relaid in a matter of one work day.

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It’s no surprise that the sales process is fast-paced as well. There are three key things to keep in mind. They are strategy, types, and closing. Remembering these three key ideas will help in the sales process. Types of roofing, for example, can be industrial, retail spaces, and local/business. These are three little categories. Every business is going to have different needs and wants. If you work on an industrial building, it will be easier to fit the roof because it is less about aesthetics. Very frequently, flat roofs will be used. Businesses are going to focus more on aesthetics. Residential roofs are hyper-personal. The difference is that it is more about needs, rather than desires. People want to save money and want limited interruptions. There is a lot more drive about keeping your home safe. In commercial properties, you want little but no interruption. It will help you to know the type of roof you are supposed to be building.

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