When Your Roof Needs Some Repair Work

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When Your Roof Needs Some Repair Work



A new homeowner will soon learn that they are responsible for all the upkeep needs of that building, and they should conduct regular inspections, from gutter and roof inspections, to checking the house’s very siding, for issues. A roof can keep out the elements and contribute to the house’s climate control, but that roof should not be taken for granted. Over time, a roof may suffer from stress and damage, and trauma may greatly compromise it. In some extreme cases, roofing contractors need to be hired to replace the entire thing. A roof in need of repair will soon give itself away somehow, either through visual cues or leaking water or a compromised HVAC system. Gutter services can also be hired, if a gutter is badly clogged or broke free of the house.

Identifying a Roof in Need of Repair

What might happen to a house’s roof? For one thing, simple old age and exposure will slowly wear down a roof, and constant changes in humidity and temperature may cause it to expand and contract over the years. That, in turn, may stress the wood and cause cracks and holes to form. What is more, the tiles may rot and fall out, leaving the roof exposed. Sometimes, squirrels are known to chew their way into an attic and build nests in the air conditioning, and chew on plastic pipes and wires out of instinct. Worse yet, blunt trauma such as large hail or strong winds from a storm can badly damage a roof. In the event of a large tornado or a hurricane, the roof might be blown off entirely.

A roof doesn’t need to be savaged by a tornado to need repairs, though. A roof in need of repair is one that leaks every time it rains or when snow is melting. Leaking water is a big problem, since it will rot and warp wood in the attic and encourage mold growth. As the water gets deeper into the house, it will stain and damage the drywall, and short out electrical components in the walls, too. Finally, that water may pool on the floor or in the basement, which is not to be desired. What is more, leaks and holes in the roof allow warm or cool air to leak right out, which disrupts the house’s climate control in winter and summer. This will overwork the HVAC system, and that in turn will drive up the electric bill.

Repairing and Replacing Damaged Roofs

A roof in need of repair can be identified visually, such as if the homeowner uses a ladder to look over their roof and finds missing tiles or obvious damage from hail or a storm. Such a faulty roof can also be diagnosed through water leaking into the house, a badly disrupted HVAC system, and/or intruding squirrels. At this point, the homeowner can look up various roofing contractor companies in the area, and hire one for the job. Once on the scene, these professionals can fix and replace missing tiles, and they can also pour liquid rubber onto the roof to seal up all cracks and holes, big and small, to prevent water leaks. These professionals can also remove intruding squirrels and patch up the hole that the animals chewed in the attic. Workers can also apply paint or glue that will repel squirrels from trying to get in again.

Fixing a roof will stop water leaks and block off air drafts, but what if the roof is very old or badly damaged? For example, a roof was devastated during a hurricane, or a person just bought a house with a very old roof that is leaking a lot. In these cases, repairing the roof may be more money and trouble than it is worth, so roof replacement will be the best option. A new roof will be free of air drafts or leaks, and will have a full set of tiles and also look attractive. Some replacement roofs may be metal, such as copper or aluminum or steel alloys. Metal roofs are very tough and last even longer than shingle roofs will. They are also cost effective to install, and once retired, these old metal roofs can be recycled.

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