Just One Power Outage Can Cost You Thousands The Reliability Of The Standby Generator

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Just One Power Outage Can Cost You Thousands The Reliability Of The Standby Generator



Winter heralds so many wonderful things. Big piles of beautiful snow for the photo album. A bevy of holidays and warm memories with the family.

It also comes with severe weather patterns, so extreme they can knock your electricity out and leave you stranded. With a backup generator, you’ll never have to worry about being caught at the worst time. This is a useful tool for all kinds of households and can be used in a pinch, providing energy to all your appliances. Whole house generators are slowly, but surely, becoming a more common installation in the United States. If you want to save money (and stress) in the long run, keep reading.

Below is a simple list on the benefits of the backup generator and how they keep you in the green at all times.

Power Outages Are More Common Than You Think

You may be tempted to think a power outage is too extreme to affect your home. According to recent studies, it’s a valid fear to have. The first six months of 2014 saw a reported 130 grid outages, impacting millions of Americans across the country. Power outages are known to cost American businesses as much as $150 billion per year, to boot, thanks to a DOE report. When you lose power, you lose access to much of what makes your home comfortable.

Lost Power Means Lost Food, Damaged Appliances, And More

Losing electricity for just a few hours can send your home into a very expensive spiral. Your refrigerator, for example, will need extra scrutiny the more time passes. If the power is out for less than four hours, the food in your fridge and freezer are considered safe enough to keep. Anything longer than that, however, and you’re better off tossing the food to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. Make sure to use a food thermometer and check the food before you cook or eat it, particularly meat and cheese.

Determining The Size Of Standby Generators Is A Simple Math Equation

How do you know which one to buy to keep your house covered? The equation is pretty simple. The size of the generator can be determined by what you need to supply power to. For a tailgate party where you need to run a video system and some warming trays, for example, you could do fine with a 1,000 watt model. If you need to run an entire household during a power failure, on the other hand, you’ll need more current. Overall, it’s considered wise to go a little higher than your presumed need.

Generator Upkeep Is Essential To Keep It Working

It’s not enough to simply purchase your generator installers and call it a day. You need to ensure you’re maintaining your device to keep it working year-round. If you have a generator in storage and don’t plan on using it within a month, stabilize the gas with a fuel stabilizer. Materials, no matter how hardy, have a way of breaking down when they’re left to their own devices. Your whole home generator professional will ensure you have a step-by-step list to follow.

Emergency Generators Are A Reliable Tool In A Pinch

Keeping hundreds of dollars worth of food safe when a storm hits. Protecting your appliances (and your data) when everything suddenly shuts off. One way or another, your generator will come through for you and your family. Reach out to a professional in your area and ask them which size will suit your home best. They’ll run you through all the watt varieties, the latest models, and maintenance routines.

Look forward to all the good winter will bring. See what a generator installation can do to keep your home cozy for the holidays.

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