3 Effective Modern Carpet Cleaning Techniques

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3 Effective Modern Carpet Cleaning Techniques



Traditionally, carpet cleaning involved the use of shampoo and detergent to remove dirt. One problem with the traditional method is that it was difficult to remove the detergent’s residue. The soap leftover on the fiber made it more susceptible to dust and pollen after the clean-up. When the shampoo wasn’t thoroughly rinsed out, it would often discolor the carpet.

Fortunately, there are modern upholstery cleaning techniques that can adequately eliminate the residues. You don’t need to worry about discolored rugs, soiling after cleaning, or carpet odor. However, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most effective ones.

Steam Cleaning

Also referred to as wet cleaning, it involves passing a pressurized stream of water through the rug’s fibers. A special cleaning agent is used to loosen oil-based stains that are harder to remove with conventional detergents.

The last step is to use a powerful vacuum to pull out the water and the residue from the fibers. The carpet is left looking as good as new. One disadvantage of this method is that the equipment can be expensive. That is why it is a modern technique often used by carpet cleaning services as they can afford the equipment.

On the other hand, it is one of the most efficient methods if you want to deep clean and removes the entire residue. It is an effective method when it comes to eliminating mites, pathogens, soiling, and carpet odors.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a lot like steam cleaning, only that no water is used. A chemical compound in powder form is worked into the fibers with special brushes and equipment. After applying the powder, it has to set for some time to allow it to mix with the dirt. A high-tech machine vacuums the mixture leaving the carpet clean and odorless.

Just like with wet cleaning, you’ll need powerful equipment to vacuum. Otherwise, some of the powder that mixes with the dirt is left over on the fibers. You will need to use powerful equipment that is often too expensive for home use. It is also not the best option for deep cleaning and can leave dust that will affect people with allergies and respiratory diseases.

One of the reasons it’s still popular with carpet cleaning services Fayetteville is that it dries the carpet fast. Fast-drying times can be advantageous, especially for offices where people need to move back into the room as soon as possible.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation is one of the most recent techniques that became popular in the 90s. It is similar to dry-cleaning in that a solution is run into the carpet with special machinery. The compound mixes with the grime before it is vacuumed.

The difference with encapsulation is in the special compound you use. The encapsulating chemical is an acrylic polymer that is more effective and works by crystallizing dirt and grime. It can break down greasy residues and make them less sticky, allowing for a more effective vacuuming of the carpet.

Experts consider encapsulation to be the most effective cleaning method for high-traffic areas. You can clean offices and business premises since it has fast-drying times that allow people to use the room soon after. But unlike the dry cleaning and other traditional techniques, there is little risk that it will leave residue on the carpet.

Just as with all cleaning methods, it has some limitations. Certain types of greasy stains can be difficult to remove. Also, some of the equipment may have price-tags that are out of reach for most homeowners.


Several modern cleaning techniques can effectively remove dirt and residue from the carpet. Some techniques are suitable for high-traffic areas, while others are meant for cleaning on a budget. Companies help to reduce the cost for homeowners who would otherwise not afford the equipment. For a deep clean-up, or carpet odor treatment, consider consulting a professional company for efficiency and cost savings.

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