Is Cedar Siding The Best Option For Your Home? Where it Ranks

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Is Cedar Siding The Best Option For Your Home? Where it Ranks



The aesthetic of a home is generally the first thing home buyers notice, as many new or long time owners consider remodeling their exterior’s roofing or siding. Many homeowners may not realize that there are substantial differences in many of the materials used in remodeling the look of a house. Some of the most common options are vinyl, fiber cement, and cedar siding.

Homeowners tend to rely on siding and roofing material delivery and rely on contractors for the installation. Of all the potential materials used on the exterior of a home, the siding installation process must be done safely and with precision, so it’s best to refer to siding companies for installation. Now, let’s take a look at how some of the top materials compare.

Vinyl and Fiber Cement

Vinyl and fiber cement are common sidings options, and although vinyl is often replaced for cedar siding, each come with pros and cons. Vinyl is a comparatively cheap siding option, but it won’t hold up as well. The siding material can come in multiple finishes to accommodate different looks. It’s a simple option that has a decent lifespan, but it may fade or scratch relatively quickly, whereas other options will not.

Fiber cement is also commonly used as siding, and although the material isn’t natural, it retains a relatively realistic look. Like vinyl, fiber cement has a fair lifespan, but it will require repainting as years and different weathers begin to impact it. The material is also not the easiest option to install, but on the upside, it’s sturdy and will uphold well. Overall, fiber cement is more dense than vinyl and will offer the look of an American home, but it’s not a natural product nor can it be recycled.

Cedar Siding

In total, there are 15 different types of siding, and cedar is the most popular wood siding of the bunch. This is for good reason, as cedar wood has longevity and is a sustainable housing material. Cedar siding offers the traditional appeal of a home while upholding in varying weathers and further potential incidents. Once installed, cedar siding can also be painted or stained to the liking of the home owners.

If you’re looking for siding or roofing material delivery and installation, cedar siding is an option that is both reliable and aesthetically pleasing. The wood type is durable and will last for many years through all seasons. See how cedar siding can benefit your home today.

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