When Was the Last Time Your Home Heating and Cooling System Was Serviced?

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When Was the Last Time Your Home Heating and Cooling System Was Serviced?



Thankful for comfort.

After a pretty brisk walk to the car this evening after work you are thankful that you can come home to a comfortable and well heated home. As the holidays approach, you know that this is the time of year when some families not only struggle to buy presents, but also keep their homes warm. As a result, you have made a habit to donate year round to the emergency heating fund that is sponsored by the local utilities company. Fortunately, the heating and cooling maintenance company that you contract with supports this worthwhile cause as a well. For your monthly donations to the local program, they give you a discounted rate for the heating and cooling services that they provide. Your donations give you a 20% discount on the twice a year maintenance check ups that keep your home comfortable not just today when it is cold outside, but all year long.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Is an Important Part of Home Ownership

From the duct cleaning services that make certain your family remains as healthy as possible to the heating and cooling maintenance checks that protect one of the largest investments in your home, property owners are wise when they proactively approach the maintenance tasks of their home. And while heating and cooling maintenance is not the only thing that property owners need to be concerned about, when it comes to winter months they play essential roles in making sure that a home is as comfortable as possible.

Consider some of these important factors that need to be considered if you want your house to be a place of comfort this winter and the rest of the months as well:

  • The average household septic system should be inspected at least every three years. In addition to making sure that a bathroom is clean, it is also important to know that the parts of the system that you do not see are well maintained as well.
  • Household size, septic tank size, total wastewater generated, and volume of solids in wastewater are the four factors that influence the frequency of septic pumping that is needed.
  • In general, experts recommend that household septic tanks are typically pumped every three to five years at the very least.
  • Grease, fat, and oil buildups cause nearly 47% of the up to 36,000 sewer overflows that happen every year in the U.S.
  • Proper use of a garbage disposal can keep this important feature running smoothly for as long as 10 years.
  • The average indoor water use in a typical single-family home is nearly 70 gallons per individual, every day. Working with a certified plumber, however, you can make sure that you are not wasting water by attending to leaks and other small problems.
  • Toilets account for 25% to 30% of household water use. If you have a toilet that is not functioning well, however, and is running non stop then you are wasting more water than you might imagine.
  • Unfortunately, the most recent studies show that as many as 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more every single day.
  • Fortunately, fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save home owners as much as 10% on their water bills.
  • Indoor plumbing dates back to at least 2500 B.C., and it may be easy to take this modern convenience for granted. Upgrading to the newest product like toilets and faucets, however, can help you make sure that your home is conserving water instead of wasting it.
  • In the 1990s, new laws were passed in the name of water conservation that brought low flow toilets into production.
  • Currently, there are approximately 27 million low flush toilets installed in the U.S.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average household will save $90 a year with a low flush toilet.

The holidays and the months of cold weather are definitely times to be thankful for all of the comforts that we too often take for granted. Every day, however, is the time to make sure that you are addressing the small and large tasks that are needed to maintain a home and keep it in working order. The holidays are also a perfect time to help those who are less fortunate with their winter heating bills.

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