Finding the Best Local Septic Tank Repair Services

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Finding the Best Local Septic Tank Repair Services



The very concept of plumbing and running water dates back to the days of the Roman Empire, when lead-coated pipes carried water to buildings. Today’s plumbing is even more advanced than anything that the Romans had, and massive water treatment plants and public pipes allow most buildings to access clean water this way. Sewage is swiftly disposed of through other pipes. But what about rural houses and properties that are too far away from urban water utilities? Around 25% of all houses in the United States make use of septic tank systems, and these are self-contained systems which allow a house to dispose of its waste water efficiently and cleanly. If septic tank repair or septic cleaning is needed, a homeowner can look up “septic tank companies near me” and find local companies who can assist them. It may be difficult to clean out or repair a septic system alone, so looking up “septic tank companies near me” is usually the right call. What might come next? And how do septic systems operate?

A Typical Septic System

A septic system has all the necessary hardware right there on the property, and the process begins when the house flushes waste water through pipes. All dirty water will flow into a large underground septic tank, which may be capable of holding hundreds of gallons of content all at once. In this tank, bacteria colonies break down solid organic waste and allow the particles to settle at the tank’s bottom, where they accumulate into a thick sludge. Fats and oils will float to the top, and relatively clean water will sit in between these two layers. This will happen over the course of a few days, and then the relatively clean water will pass through a filter grate in the tank and proceed further.

The water is now cleaner, but the process is not done yet. Now, this partially cleaned water will branch out through a series of pipes that are found just under the soil’s top layer, and nozzles and holes allow the water to leach right out and pass through loose soil, gravel, and bacteria colonies. These natural filters will further clean the water and purify it, and now the water is clean enough to enter the natural water cycle. This takes place in a field known as the drainage field, and the process is now complete. So, when is it time to look up “septic tank companies near me” and maintain all this hardware?

Calling Septic Services

A septic service largely functions all on its own, but it will sometimes need routine cleaning, repair, or unclogging so that it can keep performing at its best. A homeowner may look up “septic tank companies near me”, for example, if the septic tank has become full of sludge. Take note that the sludge in the tank has no means of leaving that area, so it keeps building up over time. Once that tank is one third to one half full, it is advisable to call upon crews who can pump out all of that sludge. Homeowners can use a stick called a “sludge judge” and insert it into the tank to measure how full it is. Once on the scene, tank pump crews will use a truck-mounted pump, tank, and hose to draw out all waste matter inside the septic tank. Those workers will unearth the tank and open its hatch to access the interior.

A very old septic tank may start leaking, and that is not acceptable. So, a tank around 20 years old or so can be removed entirely, and a new one put in its place. If need be, that new tank can be even larger than the old one. Meanwhile, the filter grate may become clogged or damaged, and impede water flow. That grate can be removed, cleaned off or repaired, and then put back in place (or even replaced entirely). Also, those pipes under the drainage field might become clogged on the inside over time, so crews may be hired to unearth them and blast their insides clean with pressurized water. Finally, make sure that no motor vehicles drive over the drainage field, since their weight will compress the earth and block water flow there.

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