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How to Ready Your Pool For Summer



There’s nothing like stepping into a pool on a hot day. While a pool can be an asset to any home, you’ll have to do a few things to prepare your pool for summer. With these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of pool season and spend plenty of time in the water.

Make Sure the Land is Cleared

A pool surrounded by greenery can look beautiful, but it’s not always practical. Leaves, branches, and other plant debris can fall into your pool, clogging your filters. In addition, plants attract insects and animals, which can be a nuisance to your pool.

If you plan to install a new pool, it’s best to clear the land before installation begins. You could have a service remove everything for you or look into other options, like excavator rentals. If you already have a pool, consider hiring a tree service to remove or relocate your trees for you.

Besides removing plants, you’ll want to look into sand and gravel dredging. That way, you can clear the ground for your pool fully. After installation, you’ll have a pool for summer that you can enjoy. You’ll get more enjoyment out of a pool in a clean and clear environment.

Check for Drain Clogs

A clog can stress your pool lines and prevent water from properly circulating throughout your pool, so it’s a good idea to check for main line clogs before pool season starts. An easy way to test for a clog is to put a small piece of debris, like a leaf, over your pool drain. If the leaf sticks to the drain, it’s working, but if it floats above the drain, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a clog.

If you do have a clog, you’ll want to find a way to break it up so that you can avoid problems. A hose jet can be an effective way to clear out your pool line and remove any debris. If you don’t have the tools or equipment needed to take care of the clog yourself, professional pool cleaners can assist you.

Minor clogs might not seem like a big deal, but they can spiral into a big problem, especially when using your pool more frequently. That’s why it’s best to check for clogs as you prepare your pool for summer. By the time summer starts, you’ll know that your pool is clog-free.

Make Sure Your Hydro Jets Work

No one wants to swim in a dirty pool! To keep your pool clean, you must ensure your pool jets are functioning properly. Without pool jets, the water in your pool won’t be able to circulate. Stagnant water is the perfect environment for algae to form.

Several issues can keep your pool jets from working properly. You may run into a problem if your pool’s water levels are low or your system has an air leak. If you notice a problem, it’s a good idea to bring in a hydro jet plumber that can get to the bottom of the issue.

You depend on your pool jets, and ensuring they work is part of preparing your pool for summer. With functioning jets, it will be easier to maintain a clean pool that you’ll want to swim in. Check your pool jets now to see if they need to be looked at.

Clean Your Pool Filter

Every pool needs a clean filter at the start of summer! If you didn’t clean your pool’s filter at the end of pool season last year, you should check and clean it now. That way, you can ensure your filter is ready to keep your pool clean!

During this inspection, you should look at the grids or media cartridges on the filter, checking for visible damage like cracks or holes. You should also check the filter gauge to ensure it’s working properly. Examine the O-rings on the filter to confirm that they’re fully sealed.

Depending on your filter type, you may also want to take a few more steps to ready your pool for summer. For example, if you have a D.E. filter, you may want to add fresh D.E. powder. If you have a sand filter, see if it’s time for you to change out the sand. It’s also a good idea to prime your filter and your pool’s pump!

You rely on your pool’s filter, so confirming it’s in good working order is important. Even if you checked on your filter last year, give it a look before you open up your pool. It’s always best to catch filter problems before they cause an issue.

Work on Your Patio

You won’t be spending all of your outdoor time in your pool. You’ll also spend plenty of time relaxing on your patio! That’s why taking a closer look at that patio is a good idea to ensure it’s in good shape. If you notice dirt, cracks, or other signs of damage, you should deal with them before summer arrives.

Sometimes, a good cleaning will be all your patio needs. However, if your patio is significantly damaged, you may need the services of an asphalt maintenance professional. You could even hire a patio contractor to repair the damage and refresh your patio before the weather warms. Since repair work takes time, bringing in professionals as soon as possible is best.

Not only will dealing with patio problems help you get more enjoyment out of your pool, but it’ll also allow you to entertain outdoors when the summer arrives. A damaged patio can be an eyesore, but a beautiful and well-maintained patio can be an asset to your home. When you’re taking steps to ready your pool for summer, make sure you look at the patio, too.

Ensure Nothing is Leaking

A leaking pool can quickly become a disaster. Not only can a leak lower the water levels in your pool, but it can also cause water to flood into your yard. If you don’t deal with the leak quickly, you may have to work with local water removal services to clear all the excess water away.

That’s why it’s best to watch for signs of a leak and repair leaks as soon as possible. Changes in water level are common signs of a leaking pool. If your pool’s water levels have been dropping, hire a professional to inspect your pool and diagnose the source of the leak.

A more serious sign of a leak is cracks or falling tiles. When a pool leaks, it causes the ground around the pool to soften. This can cause shifts, and those shifts can lead to cracks and other damage.

Other signs to watch out for include wet spots in your yard, water bills that are much higher than usual, or algae growth around your pool. Inspect your pool regularly so that you can deal with leaks immediately. This isn’t just something you should do to prepare your pool for summer. Ideally, you should inspect your pool and watch for leaks all summer.

Balance Your Pool Water

One of the more challenging aspects of owning a pool is maintaining the right balance of chemicals. Without chemicals, bacteria can quickly overtake your pool. However, if you use too many chemicals, your water could become corrosive, causing damage to your pool water or even your skin when you go swimming.

Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on guesswork when determining whether your pool’s water is balanced. Instead, you can use a test kit to tell you your pool water needs. You’ll find many test kits available, from simple strip tests to digital testing symptoms.

If you need to add more chemicals to your water, ensure your pool pump is on before you start. That way, the chemicals will be able to circulate throughout the water. When you add chemicals, you should also add sanitizer to your water. Sanitizer will make it easier for you to keep your pool free of harmful bacteria.

You’ll want to balance your water as you prepare your pool for summer, but you should also check your water throughout the pool season. Test your pool water every two weeks so that you can make adjustments as needed. When you balance your water, your pool will be more inviting.

Make Sure Your AC Works

The pool is a great place to cool off, but you shouldn’t have to rely on your pool to stay cool. If your pool needs cleaning or repairs, alternative ways to beat the heat are needed. That’s why confirming your AC is working properly is also smart.

Hot weather can stress an HVAC system, so it’s good to check your system before temperatures rise. If you notice any issues, bring in AC repair professionals so that they can take a closer look at the problem. They’ll be able to fix your AC so that you can use it throughout the summer.

When you have a functioning AC system, you’ll take a break from your pool whenever needed. Whether in the pool or out of it, you’ll have ways to keep yourself comfortable. When looking at ways to prepare your pool for summer, don’t forget what you’ll be doing when you’re out of the pool.

Make Sure Your Boat is Ready

When you have a pool, you can have fun in the water without leaving your own backyard. With that said, it can be fun to venture out into deeper waters from time to time. If you own a boat, you’ll want to ensure it’s ready for the warm weather as well!

One of the most important things to check is your boat’s engine. Look at the battery, belts, cables, hoses, and fluids. Even if you’re not ready to take your boat out on the water, you should test the motor to ensure there aren’t any problems. If you notice anything concerning, you may want to have a marine diesel surveyor inspect your engine.

You should also do a hull check to look for blistering or cracks. Look for other visible damage as well, such as issues with your fiberglass. If you spot any problems, have them dealt with before you take your boat out onto the water this summer.

If you prepare your boat and pool for summer, you can make the most of the season. Whether doing backstrokes in your backyard or fishing at a nearby lake, you’ll have the chance to spend lots of time in the water. Dealing with these issues before summer arrives will let you skip the stress and have more fun over the summer.

Repair Your Golf Cart

It’s also a good idea to consider the other outdoor activities you enjoy during summer. If you’re an avid golfer and you own your own golf cart, you’ll want to check it for problems before you schedule your next tea time. If you need golf cart repairs and services, you’ll want to know about them before hitting the golf course!

Many golf carts have battery issues, especially when they’ve been sitting in storage for a while. Motor or ignition problems are also widespread. Test your golf cart and see if it’s able to start. If you have issues getting it started, a professional should be able to help you get to the bottom of the problem.

Even if you don’t notice any obvious problems, you may want to take your golf cart for a spin to look for signs of other issues, such as speed control problems or a faulty direction switch. If you address these issues now, you can avoid problems at the golf course. After a long day of golfing, you’ll be able to return home and relax in your pool!

There’s more to preparing your pool for summer than removing the pool cover. Go through these steps so your pool and other equipment will be completely ready for the season. With a little extra preparation, you’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of the warm weather and your pool!

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