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Lifechanging Hacks for Electricians



Regardless of the type of electrical project an electrician is implementing, there are a couple of universal hacks they should know. These hacks help them do their work better and faster. Hacks can also help electricians streamline processes and improve their safety on the job.

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What are these life-changing hacks for electricians?
According to the video, one of the best hacks for electricians is carrying a strong magnet. Electricians constantly need to draw lines and punch small holes to mark their way. However, they can simplify this process by using a strong magnet to detect Ferris metal components through lightweight building components like drywall, tile, or wood.
The second life-changing hack for electricians is using a hot air gun to bend PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes. All the electrician needs to do is switch on the hot air gun, gently heat the PVC pipe and bend it into the desired shape.
The third life-changing hack for electricians is sewing Velcro strips onto their overalls. This helps them carry extra items as they go about their tasks.
The third life-changing hack for electricians is using a radio to know whether or not unlabelled circuits are shut off. Radios can pick up feedback and inform the electrician.

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