Top 10 Biggest Tow Trucks

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Top 10 Biggest Tow Trucks



Tow Truck companies serve a distinct purpose. Here’s a look at the largest tow trucks on the market.


DAF provides service over long distances. While DAE is a 4 axle vehicle, it can also function as a 3 axle vehicle in some situations.

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DAF CF also has self-recovery capabilities.

ER-122000 L4

This tow truck features hydraulic stabilizers. The truck can lift over 60 tons. ER trucks primarily tow vehicles that are trapped under tunnels and bridges.

Century 9055 XL

Century tow trucks often assist with bus towing. Century tow trucks stand out for their ability to tow trucks that are trapped in difficult environments.

CSR 85

CSR is designed for maximum lifting capacity. The tow truck is compatible with multiple types of equipment.

Century M100

Century M100 two trucks handle the most difficult towing jobs. The M100 includes a remote operator and also has the ability to lift two vehicles weighing over a ton at one time.

Rotator 1175

The Rotator 1175 has hydraulic rear stabilizers and a unique extension and elevation system.

EuroTow 45

The EuroTow 45 stands out for having on for having one towing arm with hydraulic extensions.

Honorable Mentions

• Boniface Recoverer Trident
• Volvo FH16 750
• Century 1150.

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