Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid



Kitchen renovations are one of the most expensive home improvement projects. They sometimes involve knocking down walls, installing new kitchen counters, replacing cabinet doors, and installing new flooring. Although a kitchen renovation project can be a fun and exciting venture, it can become your worst financial nightmare without proper planning.

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Here are the top home improvement mistakes to avoid during a kitchen renovation project.

The first mistake homeowners make is to fail to consider the available floor space. The doors of your new or existing cabinets and appliances should have enough clearance space to open without obstruction. For example, before acquiring a French door refrigerator, you should ensure enough room for it to stand flash with the countertops without obstructing the walkway.

It is also important to choose appliances before the cabinetry has been installed. Installing cabinetry before purchasing appliances could create a one or two-inch difference that could break your installment. You need to measure your appliances before you design the kitchen layout. The other common mistake homeowners make is to underestimate the renovation costs. You need to consult widely and research in depth before developing a budget.

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