4 Great Garage Door Screens

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4 Great Garage Door Screens



What garage screen should you go for? It can be a pretty difficult decision to make with the variety of choices at your disposal. Here are four options you can look into purchasing from your garage screen manufacturer.

If you’re considering purchasing a new garage door screen, you should take a look at the iGotTech Magnetic screen, Liamst Fiberglass screen, PickFor Life heavy duty screen, or Aurelio Tech GSD-0016-07 screen.

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These screens are all durable to some degree and fairly easy to install.

The iGotTech magnetic screen is one of the most popular screens, partially due to its ease of installation and affordable cost.

The Liamst screen is one of the more durable screens available on the market, made out of high-density fiberglass.

The Pick For Life heavy-duty screen is even more durable than the previous option, made from tear-resistant and fireproof fiberglass mesh. It also has gravity weights to help protect it from the wind.

The Aurelio Tech GSD-0016-07 screen uses 34 magnets, which is more than most garage screen doors use. This allows it to close automatically and stay closed after anyone walks through it.

Take a look at the video above for a quick review of each of these screens.

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