A Look At What Makes Poor Workmanship From Siding Contractors



Many siding contractors have had bitter legal disputes with homeowners because of poor craft. Unfortunately, some contractors are quick to wave off clients’ complaints by saying workmanship is subjective or that some homeowners are too nitpicky. However, there are some general pointers to poor workmanship.

Video Source

Ken Robinson points out a couple in the YouTube video “Siding Contractor Poor Workmanship.”

Some siding contractors use poor-quality caulk, forming bubbles in the caulk bead instead of lying flat. Eventually, gaps through which moisture can penetrate the insulation layer. Wavy aluminum trimmings and fascia along the roof and loose window meters are also indicators of poor workmanship.

Also, when siding contractors work in a development area experiencing a construction boom, they often rush their jobs. Unfortunately, this can result in the neglect of small details that eventually affect the overall appearance of their work. For instance, siding contractors can forget to wipe down siding after installation to remove caulk smears or do touch-ups such as cleaning off pencil marks and covering chips in the siding.

These might seem insignificant, but they differentiate between an amazing job and a shoddy job.

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