How to Make You Septic Cleaner and Flow More Naturally



There is a common misconception that products labeled “flushable” such as flushable wipes are disposable through the toilet. What ends up happening when anything other than organic matter and toilet paper enters the septic system is that sewage and buildup clog the pathways for your waste material to flow through. Help make your septic cleaner by limiting the products you flush down the toilet.

Septic blockages can become nightmare scenarios if left untreated.

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Buildups of “flushable” products such as wipes may clog your pipes and put significant pressure on them, causing them to burst or become backed up in severe cases. To keep your home free of backed-up septic material, only flush toilet paper down the toilet.

Septic cleaner services may be required if the flow has completely stopped in the pipes. Professionals have various suction tools, both manual and vacuum-like, to free up space in clogged drains and remove the cause of the blockage.

Certain access points to sewage drains may be hidden beneath your lawn, so a divot may be dug out temporarily. If you don’t want sewage pumping into your lawn or your lawn dug up, be mindful of what gets flushed in your home!

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