How to Choose The Right Window Frame

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How to Choose The Right Window Frame



Are you building or buying a new house. There are many options of window frames to choose from your bulk windows and door shop. In this video, you will learn about the four main types of window frames.

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The most common type of window frame in the United States is the vinyl window frame. These frames may be affordable, however they have several downsides. They are welded together which creates a visible crease around the corners. They also can’t be painted. Finally, they do not hold up well in hot climates.

The next type of window frame is the fiberglass window frame. These frames do not have the ugly weld lines because they are cut and fastened. They also tend to have a thinner frame.

Another option are aluminum windows. These windows are very durable. However, aluminum is a great conductor. Therefore, you need to get an aluminum window that has a thermal break between the inside and outside aluminum pieces. This will help protect you from if lightning were to strike the house.

Lastly, wooden window frames are an excellent option. They provide a rustic and cozy vibe. They can also be paired with aluminum with incredible performance and lifetime durability. For example, the inside frame can be wooden while the outside frame can be aluminum. The price of these windows are well worth it.


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