Should I Buy a Repairable Salvage Car?

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Should I Buy a Repairable Salvage Car?



When we hear ” repairable salvage cars for sale” some of us might be scared off. But what actually is a repairable salvage car and should you buy it? Keep reading to find out.

A salvage title can happen when vehicles get accident damage. If the value of the car is less than 75% of the repair costs, the vehicle will be given a salvage title.

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This means the less value the vehicle has (or the older it is) the more likely it will be given a salvage title instead of being repaired.

Just because a car has a salvage title doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired, it just means the insurance company didn’t want to repair it. While some salvage cars actually can’t be repaired, a majority of repairable salvage cars for sale only have minimal damage.

Before you buy a salvage car, always run a carfax on the car. The carfax gives a life report of the car including things like where it was bought. If the carfax isn’t good, you should not buy the car.

There’s a lot to know about buying a used car, especially a repairable salvage car. For more tips on whether you should buy a repairable salvage car, watch the video above!


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