The Basics of HDD Drilling

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The Basics of HDD Drilling



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The video, “Horizontal Directional Drilling Installation Animation,” explains the stages in horizontal directional drilling. The HDD drilling process for oil can be broken down into different stages, as listed below.

Identify a Particular Area of Land That Is Likely to Contain Oil Below the Earth’s Surface

The first stage starts at the surface.

It requires that an individual or group identify a particular land area likely to contain oil below the earth’s surface. This task is typically carried out during geological surveys.

Break Through, or Penetrate, Layers of Earth Until Hitting Said Oil

The second stage requires very specific equipment and technology. It entails breaking through or penetrating layers of earth until hitting oil. Brake each layer individually without damaging the surrounding environment. This stage of development can be very resource-intensive.

Install Equipment for Processing and Transport

Once the oil reaches the earth’s surface, it needs to be separated from any other materials to be usable. This stage includes installing all necessary equipment needed for processing and transport. Once the proper equipment has been installed, the well is exploited for its oil.

Drilling for oil is broken down into manageable stages. The HDD drilling process requires significant initial costs. Time is a necessary step in the long-term oil production process.

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