Pressure Washing Safety Tips to Follow

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Pressure Washing Safety Tips to Follow



Power washing can be an extremely fun process to get your home and other items or appliances looking brand new. But, it’s just as important that you follow these safety tips to make sure no one ends up hurt in the process.


When using the power washer, although it is only just water, never point it at people. The water pressure is so high it can cause injury.

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Wet Cords

Electricty and water are a recipe for disaster. Make sure when you’re power washing that you never get any cords wet. This could lead to an electrocution shock and really hurt someone.

Don’t Let It Tip

While you’re maneuvering all around, it’s important to make sure you don’t take any large turns around any corners and accidentally tip the power washer. This could damage and potentially ruin the motor.

Protect Other Things

Before power washing, you will want to clean out your space or area and make sure that other people are not in the general area you will be cleaning.

Use the Safety Switch

On most modern power washers, they will have a safety switch on them. This safety switch will make it so that way you cannot squeeze the trigger. This will stop any accidental squirts of water from coming out when you don’t want it too.


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