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Learn More About Swimming Pool Closing Services



Check out the staff at Clear Water Pool Service in New Jersey opening up a pool they closed last winter season! Closing a pool must be done in order to make sure it stays protected from winter elements, falling debris from autumn leaves, and isn’t running when not in use.

Swimming pool closing services make sure your pool is properly closed so that you save money on energy, protect your pool and keep it clean, and don’t have to worry about any maintenance during the winter time. Closing your pool doesn’t have to be during the winter either.

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Many New Jersey residents choose to close their pools if they’re going away on a long vacation, or simply don’t want to do maintenance on their pool for several months for various reasons. Swimming pool closing services use the proper chemicals to reduce algae growth, install winter pool covers, remove ladders and handrails, and wash your sidewalk through their complete swimming pool closing services!


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