A Weekend Warrior 4×4 Post Dock Project

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A Weekend Warrior 4×4 Post Dock Project



There’s a reason DIY videos have become popular in recent years. They’re a wealth f information and allow you to achieve more goals. This is one of those videos for people that like to build stuff. More specifically, the video teaches you how to build a dock using 4 X 4 posts in just one weekend.

To begin with, you learn all about dock building supply essentials. For instance, you need the 4 X 4 posts, dock sections, and different metal bits and pieces to hold everything together.

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The video then dives into the step-by-step process of building the dock. The wonderful thing is you also get to watch each step being performed, so there’s no ambiguity about what you need to do.

Building a dock this way might seem intimidating, but this video simplifies everything. It makes it possible to build a beautiful, sturdy dock that you’ll be proud of. The video is very informative up to the end, where you learn how to install a cleat stiffener. Overall, this video is well worth watching if you want to be a true weekend warrior. After watching, you’ll be able to spend your weekend wisely building the best dock for your needs.


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