Ideas for Your Pool House Design

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Ideas for Your Pool House Design



Are you looking to get a new pool house to complement your yard and pool? Well, you need to make sure you choose something that you would enjoy looking at if it’s where you’ll be spending a lot of your time. A handmade Amish pool house is a great choice to ensure quality craftsmanship. And they can build it custom to meet your exact idea.

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But where do you start to get ideas? In this video, you will get to see several designs to help inspire you as you think about what kind of pool house you would like.

All of the pool houses showcased in this video are shown beside a pool and amidst the landscaping so you can have a good idea of what they would look like in a natural environment. There is a wide variety, from different shapes and sizes to different materials and colors. As you look at these, consider things like the roof and any coverings they have, as well as the types of doors and windows and how they provide access to the pool.


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