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Glass vs Ceramic Pool Tiles



Want to know the difference between glass and ceramic pool tiles? If you’re installing or renovating your pool, this video gives you a quick breakdown of each option. After all, it’s not always easy to decide which material is best for your pool.

To begin with, the video talks about using glass pool tiles, which have a better color range, more size options, and are much more appealing.
Glass pool tiles are simply made from glass.

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The color is painted at the back, and a coating is then applied. While the video acknowledges that glass tiles are a bit pricier than ceramic pool tiles, the difference is not much. The extra cost mainly comes from the need for precision cutting.

Overall, glass mosaics are more vibrant and offer more color choices. Glass pool tiles are also non-permeable, making them water-resistant. Additionally, the color remains stable in the presence of chlorine, so it won’t fade. Therefore, while ceramic tiles are still a popular choice and many suppliers provide both options, the benefits of using glass pool tiles are obvious and well presented in this video.

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