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Charity kitchen Does Good



OBK in Australia is described as an industrial kitchen where many meals are prepared daily for poor and needy workers and families in Australia. It has many volunteers that help them prepare meals and paid workers. It works with organizations like FoodBank and Second Bite. Their meals are distributed to shelters, churches, emergency service workers, hospitals, and healthcare workers.

Video Source

The organization OBK had a video filmed on Current Affair that followed workers and volunteers in the kitchen. It was called Heartwarming Surprise For Devoted Charity Kitchen. It appeared on August 31, 2020. It chronicled a recent remodeling in August.

OBI Kitchen runs 7 days a week and has a program for inmates that trains them to work in the kitchen after they are released from prison and they train handicapped individuals too. This year the couple that runs OBK Rabbi Dovid and Layla Slavin received funds or donation to renovate the kitchen.

The kitchen makes 15,000 meal weekly and with the generous donations from businesses and organizations they renovated this business that they have run for over 18 years.

Some of the changes made to the commercial kitchen by generous business donations are new cabinets, and doors, electrical work, luxury natural stone countertops and sinks, painting services, design of a herb and vegetable garden for the kitchen, plumbing, and kitchen design. Some of the local businesses that donated time and materials are Crown Electrical Solutions, Freedom Kitchen, Executive Journey, St. George Painting, and Rab’s Plumbing.

They have partnered with community organizations of Jewish Care and the Australian government to fund a program called Our Kitchen Hand that gets adults and with special needs and handicapped individuals involved in the kitchen. It began when parents with a child requested that their child be able to work in the kitchen and learn some skills. He liked the environment and learned quickly. OBK became a place that accepts all kinds of people that want social inclusion. They have 12 participants in the program with a range of disabilities that require different levels of assistance. The government provided financial assistance.

OBK seeks donations to purchase food and equipment, they seek volunteers to participate in food prep, cleaning, packaging, and distributing food. Food and kitchen appliances and tools as donations are appreciated. Fill out the online form or call OBI Kitchen at 02-8084-2729 to learn more.

The program Our Kitchen Hand has a large kitchen of their own to learn skills that can be practiced at home.Many families are happy about how OBK has given those in the program Our Kitchen Hand to learn new skills and socialize with others. All the staff and volunteers at OBK make those in the program feel welcome and accepted.This program at OBK is creating a program for kids that is not very common for these kids and adults.


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