Dangerous Radon Gas How Homeowners Should Protect Their Homes

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Dangerous Radon Gas How Homeowners Should Protect Their Homes



In the United States, there are many homeowners. In fact, in years prior, it was recorded that there are around 128.58 million homeowners in the United States alone. This is understandable, because becoming a homeowner is quite the massive accomplishment. Becoming a homeowner is an opportunity for an individual to develop his or her own space, begin a family, and structure a life he or she always wanted. However, becoming and being a homeowner is a heavy responsibility as well. There is cleaning and work to be done; fixes, alterations, and remodels. There are bills to be paid. There are steps to take to ensure that all equipment within the home is functioning efficiently and effectively. With all of this, there is an even greater and more important responsibility; the need and responsibility to keep a home and the people in it safe. If you’re a homeowner, here is what you should know about protecting your home from radon gas.

The Dangers Of Radon Gas

Most homeowners are not familiar with radon gas. Therefore, it is wise to discuss what is radon and the dangers of radon if it is present in your home.

First radon gas is defined as a common radioactive gas, that occurs naturally within a structure, such as a home. You can encounter radon gas when certain chemicals or products interact with one another. More specifically, uranium, thorium, and radium. These chemicals interact with one another in spaces such as sentiment or rocks. After the interaction, the radon gas enters the air in which you breathe. It is important to note that radon gas can not be seen by the naked eye, it does not carry an odor, and it does not contain a specific taste. Therefore, it is considered a gas that can harm you without even knowing it.

The dangers of radon gas are certainly the ways in which it harms people who have been exposed to it. In fact, if you are exposed to radon gas, your risk of developing lung cancer increases by around 16%.

So, what do you do about radon gas? After all, around 1 in 15 U.S. homes contain radon levels that are at or above the EPA action level.

What To Do To Protect Yourself And Your Home From Radon Gas

Firstly, there are companies that can inspect your house and perform radon testing. These companies are quite simply, radon testing companies. In order to perform radon gas testing, the company will participate in what is known as active testing. The company will use electricity as well as a Teflon disc to receive results. The company will observe have the disc reacts to particular charges and this helps with determining how much radon gas in within your home. In addition, there are other tests professional companies can perform.

If you do not have the necessary money, or would like to save money, you can test for radon gas on your own. There are DIY methods, or you can purchase a kit from the hardware store closest to your home. However, it is recommended that if you desire accurate results, you hire a professional to test for radon gas within your home.

It is important to note that after the testing for radon gas is performed in your home, and you receive results, that you take actions to reduce the amount of radon gas entering your home. One action you can take is to contact a sump pump installation company. A sump pump installation company is quite beneficial when encountering radon gas. This is because radon gas is not only transmitted through sentiment and rocks, but it can enter your home through your sump pump. Therefore, it is important that a sump pump installation company come to inspect your sump pump.

A sump pump installation company can repair your sump pump if there are any noticeable leaks or cracks within the sump pump. This is especially important if you suspect that radon gas is traveling in your home through your sump pump. A sump pump installation company can also install a new sump pump to prevent radon gas from entering your home.

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